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Confined Space Tree Removal Utilizing Specialized Equipment

The biggest addition to our fleet of equipment is a new spider lift. The spider lift allows us to safely reach up to 76 feet in a backyard space. This ensures that we can safely remove trees from small, hard-to-reach spaces.

The combination of our bucket truck and spider lift gives us the ability to trim and maintain trees to preserve their beauty while conserving shade and privacy.

At St. Catharines Tree Service, we know the importance of using specialized, well-maintained equipment. Proper equipment ensures the clean, safe removal of mature trees.

Why does our company invest so heavily in new equipment?

At St. Catharines Tree Service, we believe that by using the proper equipment we can guarantee a safer and more effective way of handling hazardous tree removals. For example, with all of the Ash trees that have died or are dying in Ontario, we have been called to take care of countless tree removals. Because of our new equipment, including our spider lift, we are able to reach trees in limited access areas, and the use of this equipment is much safer and faster than climbing trees.

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Why use a spider lift, mini skid steer and bucket truck?

With our ability to use the right equipment for each job, we are able to limit the impact to your property. We typically will not have to work around the hassle and cost of removing fences or receiving access to a neighbour’s yard because of the variety of equipment that is in our fleet.

You will also experience a more efficient tree service. Our skid steer is a safe and easy way to move limbs and timber very quickly and efficiently. Our bucket truck is used to reach tall trees and is effective for commercial jobs, removals in your front yard, and detailed pruning projects.

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